CSR project in the technology innovation area
One-thousand Entrepreneurship Plan: Return of students by project

In cooperation of the famous Guanghua Technology Foundation, and co-sponsored by the All-China Students’ Federation, the project provides grants to encourage college students to carry out entrepreneurial resources investigation and project feasibility analysis when they return home during the summer or winter vacation, with professional process set up by the global experts, and in the form of summitting the report through the online entrepreneurship website. The project helps the college students to write the business plan, reviews the projects by the experts, issues grants to the outstanding project and coaches the feasible project to the incubation stage.

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CSR project in the quality property area
Hope Primary School Upgrade Plan: Refresh the hope primary school

The project plans to cooperate with China Youth Development Foundation to upgrade the infrastructure of the building with regard to the already built hop primary schools, including but not limited to the optimization of the construction function, upgrade of water/power pipe, upgrade of teaching auxiliary equipment, and
support of digital teaching equipment. 10 hope primary schools in the remote and poor mountain areas will be chosen as the pilot in the first stage.
In 2009, the company donated and participated in the design of Electronic Education Building of Sanya Sandao Secondary School to promote the popularization of IT technology, narrow the digital divide, and improve the education level and work efficiency.
In 2013, the company donated 25 million yuan to Hebei GuAn to enhance the local teacher training program, improve the teaching capability and provide better learning condition for the students through systematic and professional training of teachers.

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CSR project in the finance and investment area
Green Card Plan For the Financial Talents: Refresh the future of the finance

In cooperation with ICBC and HNA Group, the project carries out the summer camp plan to the global financial universities for the undergraduates and graduate students in the Chinese colleges with the major of finance or investment. The outstanding students will have the chance to carry out field visit to the famous incubators and venture capital enterprises to learn the projects, with the aim to help them to develop international vision and refresh their industrial awareness and understanding.

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