An innovative nation must have innovative cities.

China has been on its way back to the top of the world. Since its super rapid development thirty years ago, the most significant feature is the

booming buildings in the Chinese cities. The improving technology continues to promote the industrial upgrading, and the technology innovation

has become the driving force for the development of the city. With the growth of the economy and the acceleration of the production efficiency, 

finance, as the most important component of service industry, is providing the irreplaceable vitality for thesustainable development of the

economy. In the process of the urban innovation and upgrading, the three elements of technology, real estate and finance are indispensable.

What constitutes the city is not only the building which reflects the strength, but also the technology reflecting the power and the finance 

reflecting the vitality.

Founded in 2007, Anar Group starts from the quality property. In the process of the economic, social and urban development, based on the  

changing market demand, Anar group has gradually constructed a brand new development model of technology + finance + real estate and

formed industry competitiveness to help upgrade the cities. Among the new development model of Anar group, technology incubation is the

muscle of an innovative city, while the quality property is the bone and the financial service is the blood. Committed to be a pioneer in upgrading

the innovative cities in China, Anar group has integrated the resources in the three areas and formed the comprehensive capability to provide

effective, forward-looking, and affordable support to the city innovation.

City has life, and the development of science and technology promote the future of the city.

In the area of city innovative technology, the ZoomTech of Anar Group conforms to the international development trend and has built overseas

innovation centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Tel Aviv, Munich and Singapore. While realizing the interaction

and cooperation of the global innovation resources, Anar Group brings the advantages back to the city projects and fully utilizes its expertise in

planning and design, development and construction, high-end investment, technological innovation services, industrial investment fund 

management, and cross-border science and technology services, to attract and call on innovative technology companies to dialogue with the city

in the new-type science park and technology company incubator and promote the city to upgrade its industries.

City is not just a region, but also the essence of the country and society.

In the urban quality estate area, the Anar Estate of Anar Group focuses on the first-tier metropolitan circle and fully participates in the city

development, planning and construction. In the three main areas of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, and Dawan District, it built

several industrial complex projects with huge volume and comprehensive industries which have continued to promote the ecological development of the

regional business. The corporate brand has respected reputation in investment planning, development construction, commercial management,

and property service. Anar Group has become the leading provider of property service in the first-tier cities due to its outstanding quality control

and excellent service.

Financial capacity not only can secure the implementation of the project, but also can push the new economy.

Pushed by internet industry, Workboom Investment of Anar Group focus on the investment and investment management service for the fast-growing

enterprises in the high-tech area. With the establishment of Workboom VC fund, it initiated the venture capital fund alliance together with several mature

funds. Currently it has become an important investor and pusher in the entrepreneurial area and successfully invested in many areas including internet, 

intelligent hardware, 3D printing, power battery, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, ocean fishing, and marine engineering.

Over the years, the Anar Group has closely integrated the regional urban function reconstruction and commercial real estate development in its way to seek

the combination of industrial upgrading and urban construction. In the high-tech, cultural and exhibition and financial area, it introduced thousands of

companies to settle in the technology complex, created a new Anar Mode of technology complex leading the urban regional economic growth,

and made outstanding contributions to the urban economy development.

Upgrade the industry upgrade, enhance the city value, and shoulder its mission of the city and China's new economy.