In all the world's modern technology companies, Apple's unique logo is eye-catching. From Adam and Eve, from Newton to Jobs, this magical fruit has witnessed the departure of mankind from the Garden of Eden, accompanied by the birth of the law of gravitation, and become a symbol of breaking the usual and keeping on innovation in the hand of Jobs.

Anar is a fruit familiar to all the people. In China, Anar represents a strong breeding ability, which is a magical fruit as same as apple. This each seed of Anar is a complete independent structure with complete and clear structure between the seeds. Just like in the entrepreneurial field, every new business is a complete unite full of hope and strength.

Nowadays when maker space is popular globally and the innovation continues to create new economy miracle, Anar Group is named after such a magical fruit expressing its wish and vision of helping the technology company to start their own business, helping the growth of innovation economy and helping the city to improve its industry structure.

Aggregation is powerful and dispersion means opportunity.
This is the characteristic of Anar and a typic description of the Chinese entrepreneurs. Together with the city,
we embrace the future and push the realization of possibilities.

Anar,[ə'na:],which is from Ancient Persian,Turkic,means pomegranate.