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Equity sales list of Beijing real estate enterprises in February: Anar, Zhonghai and Poly Real Estate ranking top 3 2020-03-11 Jin Yonghong, chairman of Anar property: property enterprises must put public interest first 2020-03-01 Anar property: escort the owners to Home for the last kilometer 2020-02-17 Anar property: building the first embankment for community epidemic prevention and control 2020-02-13 Spray disinfection channel set up at the entrance of the community in Tongzhou, inspired by the experience of swine fever prevention 2020-02-11 Anar property protect safety of owners with strict access, disinfection and vegetables purchasing 2020-02-07 The post-90s store manager of Panda Apartment: Improve the service experience to outperform the market 2020-01-17 The property market has started a booming mode and who will win the final? 2019-12-23 Opportunities of Yongle with hundreds of billions of industrial clusters accelerating the landing in BMAC 2019-12-09 Construct a first-class modern canal business district and promote the high-quality development of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center 2019-12-08 Coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei highlighting regional value of Wen'an 2019-12-02 Rise of Wen'an as a City of Smart Innovation 2019-11-29 Anar group offers a combination of technologies to unlock the futuristic style of south Beijing 2019-09-29 The first pomegranate design festival opens in the south Beijing to describe the future of urban life 2019-09-20 Come and experience the integration of technology and culture at the 2019 Pomegranate Design Festival 2019-09-06 A series of figures reveal the secrets of the fresh community 2019-08-15 With an investment of 75.8 million yuan in 7 years, Anar Group continue quality improvement action to escort a better life 2019-08-05 Deep root in Wen’an to build new smart city by Anar Group 2019-07-19 Anar Group Property won many awards including 2019 Blue Chip Property Enterprise 2019-07-10 Wen'an ambitious to be the Smart Satellite City of Xiong’an with 10 billion investment 2019-06-20 Industrial agglomeration facilitates regional upgrading - Wen'an Smart New City to shape city of the future 2019-04-25 Yongle land emerges and promotes the Tongzhou property market and its quality 2019-03-14 Anar Property's 10th subsidiary Huitong Center settled in Tongzhou core area 2018-12-17 With business center of Beijing moving east, Anar Property's 10th subsidiary Huitong Center settle in Tongzhou core area 2018-12-17 The courtyard serial products of Anar Group is committed to better house for more people 2018-11-12 A sub-center new business card of Tongzhou Baliqiao high-end financial district becomes with accelerated capital accumulation 2018-09-26 Anar Real Estate K2 is hot in the market due the insufficient supply of housing in the first half of the year 2018-07-14 Behind the winners of the Guangsha Awards, “good house” in the judges’ eyes 2018-04-22 Delivery is the start of marketing and Anar insists on quality improvement after the delivery of the house 2018-03-23 Anar Group to build eco-business complex in Beijing deputy center 2017-12-19 Yongle land emerges and promotes the Tongzhou property market and its quality 2019-03-14 Anar Group works hard in Tongzhou and the diversified development helps to upgrade the region 2017-12-14 Value return with the rising of new Chinese architecture, K2 Spring Breeze redefines the habitat art 2017-09-28 How do Anar Group make its innovation axis? 2017-09-25 Beijing marching eastward and Tongzhou Canal CBD lighting up Beijing Deputy center 2017-08-24 The way of Anar Group to tap the long-rent apartment 2017-06-21 Zoom Tech held Culture Creative Competition in Beijing 2017-05-16 Real Estate+Technology is just smart home? Developer has started the international technology transfer business 2017-03-15 Quality of life determines the brand effect – Primary guarantee of upgrading property value through quality service 2017-03-10 Anar: New Choice in New Economy Era 2016-11-11 K2 Real Estate renamed as Anar Group: aiming to be Apple in Real Estate Industry 2016-11-16 Villa Sales Champion in Beijing 2016-09-28 K2 Real Estate Cooperated with Qlife for Your Marvelous “Private Estate Assistant” 2016-07-26 K2 Real Estate Decoration Suppliers Meeting 2016-06-01 K2 Logic, Renewal of a Middle-sized Real Estate Enterprise 2016-03-19 Black Horse K2 Real Estate’ Ambitions 2016-03-18 K2 Real Estate: Casting for V7 Villa Properties with Craftsmanship Spirit 2016-03-18 K2 Real Estate Announced V7 Series Products for High-end Market 2016-03-17 K2 Real Estate Seeking for Transformation from Black Horse to Post-Horse 2016-03-17 V7 Boutique Ingenuity Created 2016-03-17 K2 Real Estate: the Renewal from Black Horse to Post- Horse 2016-03-17 K2 Real Estate Completed Transformation from Marketing to Products Quality with Nine-year Efforts 2016-03-17 K2 Real Estate Spent Tens of Million on “Skipping Stones” and Won Public Praise from Purchasers 2016-03-16 Post-Horse of Ten Billion 2016-03-15 K2 Real Estate, a Model Rising from Black Horse to Post-Horse 2016-03-14 Appreciation Banquet, on the Theme of “Thanksgiving Night, Warm Lotus Pond” by K2 Real Estate V7 Moonlight Over the Lotus Pond Project, Successfully Held 2016-01-13