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Anar upgrades its product and Binzhou Magnolia Bay wins engineering awards 2020-03-20 Anar Group won Best 100 of China Real Estate Developers for seven consecutive years 2020-03-18 Anar Group won three major awards for digital transformation of smart engineering 2020-03-06 Joining hands with Zhuiyi Technology, Anar Group launches AI epidemic service 2020-02-14 Together with Dr. Chunyu App, Anar opens free online clinic to fight against the epidemic 2020-02-06 Year-end return dinner of Wen'an Smart City and product conference of Wentan Lake Yard 2020-01-20 Anar Group Approved as member unit of Beijing Construction Design Verification Association 2019-12-04 Anar Group won the honor of 2019 Excellent Products Billboard of China Real Estate Developers 2019-11-29 Anar Group won 2019 Best 100 of China Real Estate Developers Brand Value 2019-09-19 2019 Pomegranate Design Festival - A pioneering experience about future lifestyles 2019-09-06 Launching ceremony of the 7th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season Anar Market 2019-08-30 Anar Group won the 2019 Most Valuable Real Estate Developer 2019-08-22 Anar Property Services Group Wins 2019 Blue Chip Property Enterprise 2019-06-25 Grand Opening of Wen'an Smart City 2019-04-27 Anar Group won 2019 Best 100 of China Real Estate Developers 2019-03-21 The Beijing showroom of Wen'an Smart City is officially open to the public 2019-03-13 Announcement on the renaming of the property company 2019-02-06 Anar Group: Building a house is important, but the maintenance is vital 2018-12-06 Leading Nanchong | A Complete Success of the Star Concert and the Launch Conference of Anar Zichen Maison 2018-10-28 A press conference touching the city 2018-10-28 Burning the Pearl City | Brand launch conference of Anar Jianghuai Yard kicked off 2018-10-27 Hard to forget Huai’an even when travelling around the world – Grand opening of Anar Huaishang Courtyard city exhibition 2018-10-14 Yangzhou  Slender West Lake Courtyard honored 2018 Best Brand of China Real Estate Projects 2018-09-18 Brand launch conference of Anar Violet Golden Yard and the Development Forum of Nanjing North District came to a successful conclusion 2018-09-02 Build a marketing iron army with the initial heart – successful closing of the First Marketing Manager Training Seminar in 2018 2018-08-28 Zhongdu Courtyard |Thousands of courtyards Pilgrimage Zhongdu Courtyard – successful closing of Anar brand launch conference 2018-08-26 Anar creating an intelligent living space together with Haier 2018-08-10 Anar Group to refresh Yancheng With National Craftsman and Masters from Beijing 2018-07-23 Anar group wins 2018 Best 100 of China Real Estate Developers 2018-03-21 A grand festival hits Yangzhou 2018-03-24 Re-emergence of the Yangtze River Delta! Anar Real Estate's high-end products pay tribute to the Xuncheng City 2018-04-08 Thousands of people presented at the Grand Opening of the Marketing Center and Model District of the Slender West Lake Courtyard 2018-04-16 Anar Group Succeeds in Five cities at the Yangtze River Delta 2018-04-20 Anar Group supporting the education of Pingshan, the revolutionary base during the liberation war 2018-04-24 Cheng Lei presenting in Zhangjiagang |Successful brand release of Anar Jiangnan Courtyard 2018-06-11 Create true value of the city complex with the integration of innovation and diversification 2018-06-22 Grand opening of the urban exhibition of Zhongdu Courtyard 2018-07-22 Anar Group donation to support the information education of Kangbao 2018-01-16 V7 Lotus Moonlight and Pomegranate Center won the 14th Jingrui Award 2017-12-18 Beijing Deputy center Investment Leader Summit successfully held in MIX Plaza 2017-12-09 K2 Spring Breeze upgrades the habitat quality in Tongzhou 2017-09-14 Tongzhou CBD officially opened, unveiling Beijing MIX Plaza 2017-08-24 Anar Group won 2017 China Blue Chip Real Estate Award 2017-06-14 Anar Group launches long-rent market, debuting the Panda Apartment 2017-06-12 Announcement about the Capital Operations of Anar Group 2017-04-17 Mr. Eitan Segal, founder and CEO of Israel SEG-Enterprises visited Zoom Tech, Anar Group 2017-03-24 Anar Group is Rewarded as Top 100 of China Real Estate Development Enterprises of 2017 2017-03-22 2017 Zoom Tech Innovation Season starts to promote the international transfer in the innovation and entrepreneurship 2017-03-09 Successful closing of 1st Anar Cup Go Game 2017-02-20 K2 Real Estate Renamed as Anar Group, Committed to Refreshing the City with Innovation 2016-11-03 Announcement of Company Rename 2016-10-25 K2 Real Estate is Rewarded as Top 100 of China Real Estate Development Enterprises of 2016 2016-03-25 K2 Real Estate is Rewarded as Ingenuity Real Estate Enterprise of 2015 2016-01-15 K2 Real Estate is Rewarded as the Most Growth Potential Real Estate Enterprise of 2015 2016-01-13