From Cascading Garden to 5-dimensional landscape

To create a holiday-like life, the company spends ten years to artfully introduce the key elements of trees, slopes, flower sea, precious yellow wax stone and creates the cascading gardens, and finally builds the ecological, healthy and harmonious complex with integrated with humanity and landscape.

Fine art of mortise and tenon with 6 Procedures and 94 Processes

Quality property service

The company takes the lead in breaking the industry convention that closing a house is the end of the project. It organizes owners to propose suggestions on the public facilities in the community and spends tens of millions of dollars to improve facilities every year. The company advocates that the true market starts when the owners begin to move in. Holding the belief that the disqualifying estate developer causes the old and improper community, it insists to put its commitment of quality project into practice with the highest standards and brings the beautiful feeling of life to every family member that they can enjoy the poetic and holiday-like life.