Finance pushes the innovation and entrepreneurship and ensures the city upgrade

The technology innovation project needs the finance to support the entrepreneurs. The combination of technology and finance create the new economy trend, from the angle to the IPO. The city upgrade needs the ensure of the finance. Either the large commercial center or the landmark building is the combination of the property and the finance.

Focusing on the investment and management services of fast-growing companies in high-tech fields, it cooperates with many mature funds and initiates industry investment fund alliance, at the same time as the establishment of Workboom venture capital fund.

Workboom keep a close cooperative partnership with more than 30 institutional investors and individual investors at home and abroad. We are devoted to becoming the most respected venture capital investment management platform of high-tech fields in Asia, and the promoter behind Chinese entrepreneurs.

Three core advantages

● Talents

Most of the Workboom team members has dual educational background and working experiences in engineering courses
and business administration, which make them have unique resources superiorities and professional judgement abilities
to investment decision-making of high-tech enterprises.

● Platform

On the basis of insight into development trends of high-tech industry and the integration of international resources, this
cross border professional scientific and technological investment platform for sustainable development is established.

● Strategy

We provide financial support and strategical support for Chinese outstanding corporations and entrepreneurs, they are the
sources of China’s continuous innovation capability and national competitiveness. We provide wealth management and
expansion of investment channels for Chinese ultra-high net worth population, make it possible for them to share the
prosperity and development of China’s high-tech industry.

Industrial distribution

The Anar Group has more than 100 of professional investment management staff, with companies or branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore and San Francisco. It has successfully invested in more than 50 companies in the areas of internet, intelligent hardware, 3D printing, power battery, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, ocean fishing, and marine engineering, which have cultivated a number of leading brands.