Upgrade the industrial structure of the city
with the power of world innovation

The development of each modern city must rely on and be driven by technology innovation.
After the industry V4.0, the global innovation is in full swing. Innovation, the key word of development has long been beyond the definition of Joseph Schumpeter. Every government who is ambitious in development is committed to become the driving force of systematic innovation and take the initial to promote each aspect of the technology innovation, from the fiscal policy to industry planning, which present the group innovation trends of technology driving and cross-border integration where city has gradually become the center of industrial integration and enterprise development. A key company leads an industry, and a new district leads a city, which reflects the relationship between technology innovation and city.

ZoomTech defines the current direction with the future standard.
Led by ZoomTech, the technology business of Anar Group promotes the global innovation technology resources to enter into the Chinese cities. As a new incubation operation and management company, ZoomTech boasts strong technical team and provides world class services including planning and design, development and construction, high-end investment, scientific and technological innovation services, industrial investment fund management, cross-border science and technology services. Focusing on the operation and management of new science park and technology enterprise incubator, these services integrate the investment, planning, development and operation, combine its expertise in investment and finance, and become the new engine in the booming development of urban economy.

Quality service ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.
ZoomTech takes the lead to establish the trinity incubation model for technology companies of Office Community + Online Community, First-tier Chinese Cities Platform + Overseas Innovation Center, Technology + Business + Investment. Through the integration of online and offline resources, the domestic and overseas resources, the technology entrepreneurship and commercial investment, ZoomTech built a quality service ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. With the integration of the high-end resources, the talent, capital and cross-border innovation services attract and gather the global wisdom and top talents in the Chinese cities and thus form the international Technology Incubator V4.0.

Let the international technology land in China and accelerate the going out of the Chinese innovation enterprise.
Along with the transition of the global economy from the intensive production model to the shared economy model, ZoomTech integrates the complete elements of the innovation into a complete system in adaption to the trends of the times and the industry demands. Based on the international resources integration capability, and with the aim to realize the cross-border acceleration service mode, ZoomTech established the international cooperation innovation ecological park, built a platform for the latest technologies to transfer and land in China and the Chinese companies to keep up with the world so that the innovation and entrepreneurial companies can have a broader development and bright future.

International Technology Incubator Cluster V4.0

Beijing Pomegranate Technology Innovation Center
With the main businesses of intelligent hardware, big data, intelligent hardware, 3D printing, the center covers an area of 115,000 m², which is the first batch of subcenter of Zhongguancun Science Park that is invested and operated by private companies.
Beijing CDD Technology Innovation Center
With the area of 128,000 m², the main businesses of the center are intelligent furniture, industry design, and creative cultural industry.
Shanghai Changning Technology and Cultural Innovation Center
With the area of 550,000 m², the center is the gathering place of creative cultural industry with the complex of creation, arts and culture.

Cross-border Acceleration Service Platform

Foundry Club
Dedicated itself to the integration of Sino-US advanced culture of innovation and cross-border services and resource, Foundry Club Cross-border Accelerator is an international incubation acceleration platform co-invested by ZoomTech, the US DFW Excellerator, and the US Foundry Venture.
With its unique entrepreneurial service platform of the internationally cooperative office community, based on the shared office crossing borders and interconnecting with multiple sites, with means of application and innovation of internet platform, Foundry Club establish the advanced international innovation service ecological system to provide international project whole chain and comprehensive services of incubation and acceleration, cross border projects cooperation, technology transfer, financing, training and office networking to the global entrepreneurs, investors, service agencies and business people.

China-Israel YAFOLABS Intelligent Hardware Cross Border Accelerator
Through the hub and platform of China-Israel YAFOLABS Intelligent Hardware Cross Border Accelerator, ZoomTech can filter, evaluate, invest and incubate quality projects in China, Israel, and other overseas regions, for the projects to land in China and dock with domestic capital. While improving the domestic business chain, it also makes efforts to build an international cross-border resource integration platform and a global entrepreneurial ecosystem.
With the main business of innovation incubation and acceleration service of high-tech companies in the intelligent technology, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent medicine, the center integrates the leading talent and technology advantages of China and Israel, focusing on the landing, marketing and application of AR/VR projects, robotics, and intelligent technology.
The incubating companies can enjoy the first-class office environment including the imax project roadshow hall, hardware display platform, shared coffee room. Besides, they can realize the convenient multi-dimensional communication and docking with the capital parties through entrepreneurial training and project roadshow so as to realize the rapid development of the company.

International and professional service team for
innovation and entrepreneurship

Based on the international and professional service team and the strong capability of professional incubation and science park operation, ZoomTech provides systematic and perfect customized incubation solution to the entrepreneurs and international science park service to the key innovation cities. ZoomTech boasts the world class investment team, operation team and incubation service team, and 30% of its team members own the bachelor or higher degree. The core management team have at least 10 years of entrepreneurship and incubation management experience and 20 years of science park expertise.

Ms. Zhang Xiuying, the team leader, is the former vice-director of Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and the former director of international cooperation department. With thirty years of experience in exploring and tapping the international development mode of the science park, Ms. Zhang is the first successful practitioner to introduce the internet thinking to the science park management in China. As the only science park international management expert recognized by the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP), she has won many awards in the technology innovation area in China and internationally.