Trilogy of Quality Property Creation

Fine Design :

Landscape Design: To create the concept of “life is on holiday”, strictly internal control is conducted in management of design details such as hard landscape, nursery stock, outdoor hydroelectric.

Architectural Design: Critical control for key points including planning layout of the park, public space, indoor space and even details such as doors and windows.

Refined Decoration Design:Regarding the Japanese interior design experience forreference, taking in consideration of the real requirements of practical life, we stress on improving the efficiency of planes and quality of life.

Mortise and Tenon :

The project management quality system, named as Mortise and Tenon, is to combine the wisdom of ancient China on the one hand, and on the other hand, to develop a strict project plan according to the customer’s needs.

Quality Improvement :

Different from the ordinary real estate development company, who provide services only during the statutory warranty period and within the maintenance scope, the Pomegranate Real Estates will spend tens of millions of costs on “quality improvement” for all of the already-living-in projects each year. The proprietor will supervise and participate to the whole process of quality improvement, from recruitment from owners to establish quality improvement teams, to discussion of upgrading each detail. Especially for the communities living for years, upgraded service will include maintenance of many aspects such as the cell gates, elevators, community gardens and water system, etc.