Panda Apartment is an ecological service provider with the stock asset operation as the core.

It aims to the best community service to the outstanding young people in the first and second-tier cities and create a new and quality urban living experience.

Focusing on the operation and management of the stock asset,

it offers convenient, efficient, and quality service for the owners and users of the stock asset.

  • 240Rooms
  • 3 Floors
  • 4000-4750
  • 15801575185
  • Building 1,Panda Apartment,NanLouZiZhuang,Chaoyang,Beijing
  • 124Rooms
  • 9 Floors
  • 2130-3500
  • 17701376577
  • Building 23 K2 BaiHeWan,Panda Apartment,No.70 TongHu Street,Tongzhou,Beijing